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  • 작성자 사진Eun Kim

It was selected as the best book of the year by the Korean government.

"Draw one's Imagining with a Camera", which I wrote, was selected as the Sejong Book in the Liberal Arts category in 2022 hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korea Publishing and Culture Promotion Agency.

183 professors participated and passed the 3rd screeningIt is the most competitive literature (poetry, prose, novel, and essay) field, with nearly 4,000 submissions from publishers nationwide.

The president of the publishing house contacted me with excitement saying,

"Sejong Books (previously the best books by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)"Wow,

I was so surprised and thank you. I share the joy with the members who own my books.It is said that 500 copies will be purchased by the government and distributed to each institution.

The first edition is sold out, and now I have to print the 3rd print beyond the 2nd print.

사진에세이 출간했는데 일 내버렸네요

제가 집필한 " 사진기로 상상을 그리다" 가 문화관광부가 주최하고

한국출판문화진흥원 주관. 2022년 교양부문 세종도서 선정 되었습니다.

183명의 교소들이 참여하여 3차 심사를 거치고

전국 출판사에서 4000여 종 가깝게 출품하여 가장 경쟁이 치열했던 문학(시 산문 소설 에세이) 분야 랍니다

"세종도서 (구 문광부 우수도서) 선정요"하며 출판사도 창사이래 처음 수상 한다며

출판사에서 흥분의 목소리로 연락 왔습니다

와 뭔소리인가하며 제가 너무 놀랐고 감사하네요 제 책을 소장해주신 회원님들과 기쁨을 공유합니다 꾸벅!

500부를 정부에서 매입하여 각 기관에 배포한답니다

1쇄는 완판했고 3쇄 인쇄해야겠네요

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