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When I was 20 years old, with my dog, I went up and down the mountain in front of my house whenever I felt frustrated.
I had the experience of feeling the living power of the trees trying to sprout when I climbed the mountain on a wonderful spring day after a long winter when I was going to try again after failing the entrance exam for the S University of Fine Arts.

The vitality that is vigorously sucked from the root... to be alive, to breathe, to have a beating heart.

It was engraved into my lifelong view of nature that I felt that other life and especially plants were with me.​

I liked the objects of nature as a material for my creative activities. In my life, after making drawings and animations,

I only work on photography, and I always anthropomorphize and unravel the nature I enjoy.​

Before announcing an exhibition of my work, I widely show my photo work on social media as if I was sprinkling it to the public.

There are also photos that were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people in a week on famous portal sites.

After that, I was able to discover my world of work in many reviews.

They say "I see hope in your photos"... ,

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