'I like René Magritte & Georges Seurat' series

Have you ever imagined a world where day and night exist at the same time?
In Magritte's (Empire of Lights)픽쳐, there is a bright day with light and a dark night without light at the same time. 
In the quantum world , this kind of thing actually happens. Both states can exist at the same time. 

This can be difficult to imagine because the quantum world is different from the normal world in which people live. In that case, you can think of it as similar to Magritte's painting, in which the day and the night are separated and drawn together. . This is the nature of the ‘superposition’ of the two.

Discontinuity: The world may move like the second hand of a clock...

'Light is also a particle' was defined in quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity

Entanglement: Knowing one naturally leads to knowing the other.

These are the works I've been making since I arrived at the Icelandic residency.