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'I am an artist who draws pictures with a camera.'



                     나는 사진작가입니다
                     저는 대한민국 서울 근교 경기도 광주시에 살고 있습니다.
                     렌즈를 통해 드러나는 자연과 인간의 진실이 있음을 봅니다.
                     빛과 대비는 자연과 인간, 그리고 무한한 색채 배열과 그 조합에서 빛난다.
나는 인간과 자연의 벌거벗은 얼굴 내면에 숨어 있는 구원과 희망을 노래한다.
나는 또한  냉혹함과 희망이 없는 현실에서 어린 아이의 순수한 모습으로 영원을 노래합니다. 희망 없는 자들의 구원을 염원하며 오늘도 내 렌즈를 통해 빛나는 영원한 구원을 나눕니다
그리고 소망을 노래하십시오




Seoul Arts High School majored in Western painting.

Hongik University Graduate Completion . Animation major

I am a photographer
I live in Gwangju, near Seoul, Korea.
I see the truth of nature and human beings revealed through my lens.
Light and contrast shine in nature and humans, and in infinite color arrangements and combinations.
I sing of salvation and hope hidden within the bare faces of humans and nature.
I also sing of eternity with the innocence of a child in a harsh and hopeless reality.
I long for the salvation of the hopeless, and today, I share the eternal salvation that shines through my lens.
And sing with it..

Present, Korea church history excavation project exclusive photographer

Present, American Photo Association Member (PSA Member)

2016) Photos judges of 35AWARDS 100 Best Photos (Russia)

2014~2017) Served as a member of the jury for photographic works at Korea Photo Broadcasting




2022 ‘Story of the Tree Family’ Circuit Solo Exhibition in Daejeon, Asan, Busan, Ulsan,                     Gwangju, Jinju, Jeonju, Seoul
2022.3. Solo Exhibition: 'I like René Magritte & Georges Seurat' series (Artak Gallery, Iceland)

2021.03 Solo Exhibition: Solo Exhibition: ‘Sing hope II ’

                                                        (contract completed chang-uimun tteul )

2020.12 Solo Exhibition: ‘Sing hope’ (contract completed 5Cafegallery SEOUL)

2020.10 Solo Exhibition: ‘Story of the tree family’ (INSAART PLZ. SEOUL)

2019.12. Solo Exhibition: Singing Hope (Gallery at KBS Main Building, Seoul)

2017. 5. Aporia PSA Member Exhibition: Semi Gallery

2015. 8. Invitation photo exhibition for the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between               Korea and Czech Republic : Seoul City Hall

2015. 7. 2015, COAF Creative Orange Art Festa Exhibition

2014. 2. Korea Photo Broadcasting Invitation Photo Exhibition: National Assembly Building

2013. 11. Exhibition of'Cultural Heritage Photo Exhibition'

Organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration: Gyeongbokgung

2012. 5. Hosted by Surim Cultural Foundation, Chungmu Art Hall 15-person group exhibition


2021 ITALY Siena International Photo Awards honorable mention

2021 MIFA International Photography Awards Silver & Bronze

2020 PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris. Special Photographer of the Year.

2019.Tifa International Photography Awards 1th(Photographer of the Year) ,gold, silver

2019 MIFA International Photography Awards Silver

2018 MIFA International Photography Awards Bronze

2018,2017 IPA International Photography Awards 2th

2016 IPA. International Photography Awards H/M


2016 10Th ANNUAL PX3 H/M

2016 'Salon photo de Riedisheim 2016' GOLD

2016 New York, USA PSSY Silver

2016 International Monochrome Awards professional M/H

2018 11th Annual International Color Awards M/H


2021. Iceland Sim Residency Artist Activities

International activities

2017. 2 One eyeland Book VOL. 6 의 BEST OF THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS 2016.

Photo works included

2016 100 BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 2016 Annual. Photo works included (RUSIA)

2021 [Drawing Imagination with a Camera] Publisher Moonlight (2021)2021 Butapest Awards, Creative Communication Award,
Winner of the Tokyo International Foto Awards Book category.

Contact Me

+82-010 4335 4331

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