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The swan, or cygnus, is also the bird of Aphrodite.
In many folk tales from different countries, she appears as a swan virgin, or as a fairy in us.
The swan of the fairy and the woodcutter. The bird means Eros.
Here, eros means the ability to relate to people and objects.. The appearance of this as an animal is so enchanted (unconscious meaning)... In other words, when the ability to form relationships is not consciously revived in life, it is often a dream. Appears as a divine beast like a swan.
Water refers to the space of the primordial unconscious dimension, and the atmosphere refers to the spiritual realm...
Here, the blue water and the red atmosphere correspond to each other, just like yin and yang.
To make a similar analogy, when looking at the 7 series of chakras (in Sanskrit), Svadistana, which corresponds to the second water, is
It can be seen that the third corresponds to manipura (fire), which means fire.
On the borderline, a bird that is also a messenger of God flies
This bird repeats its movement indefinitely. Is it going to take off and sit back on the surface and tell us what
This bird is the artist's inspiration (inspirare)... This is the etymology of the word inspiration.
also related to this word
It also means the movement and influence of the Holy Spirit.
When we say that we are moved by the Holy Spirit, it expresses that the Holy Spirit descends from the sky like a bird (that is, Jesus is a dove in the Jordan River).
Interestingly, the dove is also Aphrodite's bird.
Pigeons = Swans, the two have a relationship with each other through the fact that they are Eros.
Swans are not common birds
It is water and land. And it is a divine beast that travels through the air.
It can also represent the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit, who travels without going through anything.
The swan now descends to me.
​And another world of the artist... rises to a new realm of emotions. That is, it rises from the unconscious level to the emotional level.
It's been 6 years since that time when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Addendum: Our ancestors also built a sotdae to communicate with the gods with a similar idea.

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